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Note: we’ve updated this article to coincide with the recent massive boom in Sydney house prices since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, which saw many Sydney suburbs’ median house price climb as high as 30% over the 2020-21 calendar year. As a result, we had to trim several suburbs which have become too expensive, and no longer make the sub-$1 million cut.

It’s no secret that Sydney ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world for real estate, as people are forced into massive mortgages in order to secure a foot on the property ladder.

With the price for a freestanding home across most of Sydney’s even more average suburbs easily eclipsing $1 million – and in many cases, far, far more – finding a relatively affordable suburb that’s neither dangerous or in the middle of nowhere has become an increasing challenge.

Here, we’ll look at some of the best suburbs in Sydney with median property prices still under the $1 million mark for a house (not apartment).

To start with, here’s the complete list of ALL suburbs in Sydney under $1 million in table form, which you can sort through (updated for 2021):

Name Region Population (rounded)* Ethnic Breakdown 2016 Median House Price (2021) Median House Rent (per week)
Wetherill Park Western Suburbs 6,250 Australian 10.6%, Italian 9.6%, English 8.9%, Assyrian 7.6%, Chinese 4.7% $980,000.00 $500.00
Glenbrook Blue Mountains 5,100 English 30.1%, Australian 28.2%, Irish 11.0%, Scottish 8.5%, German 2.9% $980,000.00 $570.00
Milperra Western Suburbs 4,000 Australian 28.5%, English 25.3%, Irish 9.4%, Scottish 5.8%, Lebanese 3.1% $975,000.00 $560.00
Girraween Western Suburbs 5,750 Indian 28.6%, Australian 10.8%, English 9.3%, Sri Lankan 4.5%, Maltese 4.0% $975,000.00 $510.00
Punchbowl Western Suburbs 20,500 Lebanese 26.2%, Australian 8.8%, English 6.1%, Vietnamese 6.0%, Chinese 5.7% $970,000.00 $530.00
Holsworthy Western Suburbs 5,500 Australian 20.4%, English 18.7%, Indian 9.4%, Chinese 6.5%, Irish 5.9% $950,000.00 $520.00
Auburn Western Suburbs 37,500 Chinese 18.2%, Turkish 8.0%, Lebanese 7.3%, Nepalese 6.1%, Indian 5.7% $950,000.00 $500.00
Canley Vale Western Suburbs 10,500 Vietnamese 29.0%, Chinese 22.5%, English 5.6%, Australian 5.3%, Khmer (Cambodian) 5.0% $950,000.00 $430.00
Greystanes Western Suburbs 23,000 Australian 18.5%, English 14.9%, Lebanese 9.9%, Maltese 5.6%, Irish 5.6% $950,000.00 $500.00
Regents Park Western Suburbs 5,000 Chinese 20.5%, English 8.8%, Australian 8.3%, Lebanese 7.4%, Vietnamese 6.5% $950,000.00 $465.00
Rosehill Western Suburbs 4,000 Indian 22.1%, English 9.7%, Chinese 9.7%, Lebanese 6.9%, Australian 6.7% $950,000.00 $500.00
Yagoona Western Suburbs 18,250 Lebanese 20.0%, Vietnamese 13.4%, Australian 11.1%, English 9.1%, Chinese 5.7% $950,000.00 $500.00
Merrylands Western Suburbs 30,000 Lebanese 17.5%, Australian 10.1%, English 8.5%, Chinese 8.0%, Indian 4.2% $930,000.00 $500.00
Sefton Western Suburbs 6,000 Lebanese 16.7%, Vietnamese 15.0%, Chinese 12.7%, Australian 10.4%, English 8.5% $930,000.00 $475.00
Wiley Park Western Suburbs 10,250 Bangladeshi 12.0%, Lebanese 10.8%, Australian 6.6%, Chinese 6.5%, English 5.3% $930,000.00 $510.00
Wilberforce Northern Suburbs 3,100 Australian 32.3%, English 29.6%, Irish 8.4%, Scottish 5.7%, Maltese 5.0% $920,000.00 $430.00
Prairiewood Western Suburbs 3,300 Assyrian 10.0%, Italian 9.9%, Vietnamese 9.0%, Chinese 7.5%, Australian 7.5% $910,000.00 $510.00
Quakers Hill Western Suburbs 27,500 Australian 19.0%, English 18.0%, Indian 11.0%, Filipino 6.3%, Irish 5.2% $910,000.00 $465.00
St Johns Park Western Suburbs 6,250 Vietnamese 20.2%, Chinese 17.7%, Australian 6.0%, Italian 5.6%, English 5.2% $910,000.00 $490.00
Bass Hill Western Suburbs 9,250 Lebanese 20.9%, Australian 13.5%, English 11.0%, Vietnamese 7.9%, Italian 4.3% $900,000.00 $570.00
Casula Western Suburbs 15,750 Australian 11.8%, English 10.9%, Lebanese 6.6%, Italian 5.9%, Indian 5.7% $900,000.00 $490.00
Chester Hill Western Suburbs 13,000 Lebanese 16.6%, Australian 12.6%, English 10.4%, Vietnamese 10.0%, Chinese 9.9% $900,000.00 $500.00
Edmondson Park South West 2,300 Indian 14.8%, Australian 11.7%, English 7.2%, Italian 6.3%, Chinese 4.8% $900,000.00 $575.00
Guildford Western Suburbs 22,500 Lebanese 23.6%, Australian 11.0%, English 8.6%, Chinese 6.3%, Afghan 2.7% $900,000.00 $490.00
Hammondville Western Suburbs 3,500 Australian 25.8%, English 22.5%, Scottish 6.2%, Irish 6.2%, Greek 3.0% $900,000.00 $500.00
Marsden Park Western Suburbs 5,000 English 23.1%, Australian 20.5%, Maltese 12.0%, Irish 5.9%, Scottish 3.7% $900,000.00 $550.00
Schofields Western Suburbs 5,250 Australian 21.3%, English 20.4%, Indian 8.4%, Irish 6.5%, Maltese 5.3% $900,000.00 $555.00
Seven Hills Hills Shire 19,500 Australian 18.2%, English 18.1%, Indian 8.3%, Irish 5.7%, Chinese 4.4% $900,000.00 $425.00
Middleton Grange Western Suburbs 5,250 Australian 11.9%, Italian 8.2%, Assyrian 7.9%, English 7.7%, Indian 4.1% $890,000.00 $545.00
Wattle Grove Western Suburbs 9,000 Australian 23.0%, English 19.5%, Irish 6.3%, Indian 5.7%, Scottish 4.6% $890,000.00 $525.00
Llandilo Western Suburbs 1,750 Australian 23.6%, Maltese 19.6%, English 17.9%, Italian 6.2%, Irish 4.8% $880,000.00 $530.00
Woodpark Western Suburbs 1,600 Australian 18.8%, Lebanese 15.5%, English 14.1%, Irish 4.1%, Italian 3.6% $880,000.00 $520.00
Fairfield Western Suburbs 18,250 Assyrian 11.9%, Vietnamese 9.4%, Chinese 8.8%, Iraqi 7.9%, Australian 6.1% $875,000.00 $450.00
Granville Western Suburbs 15,500 Chinese 11.0%, Lebanese 10.7%, Indian 10.1%, English 7.9%, Australian 7.3% $875,000.00 $490.00
Kings Park Western Suburbs 3,500 Australian 26.5%, English 22.9%, Irish 7.9%, Scottish 5.5%, Italian 3.3% $860,000.00 $455.00
Erskine Park Western Suburbs 6,500 Australian 25.0%, English 21.9%, Irish 5.9%, Scottish 4.7%, Filipino 4.3% $850,000.00 $430.00
Lansvale Western Suburbs 2,750 Vietnamese 25.3%, Australian 12.4%, English 10.9%, Chinese 9.4%, Lebanese 4.5% $850,000.00 $480.00
Leppington South West 3,750 Australian 17.1%, English 13.1%, Italian 10.4%, Chinese 5.4%, Lebanese 4.9% $850,000.00 $550.00
Prestons Western Suburbs 15,500 Australian 12.0%, Indian 9.6%, English 9.4%, Italian 4.4%, Lebanese 4.3% $850,000.00 $550.00
Prospect Western Suburbs 4,750 English 15.8%, Australian 15.7%, Indian 6.4%, Maltese 5.3%, Irish 4.8% $850,000.00 $450.00
Wallacia Western Suburbs 1,700 Australian 28.3%, English 24.8%, Irish 7.0%, Maltese 6.8%, Scottish 5.7% $850,000.00 $450.00
Hinchinbrook Western Suburbs 11,500 Australian 10.6%, English 8.6%, Vietnamese 6.6%, Italian 5.8%, Indian 5.3% $840,000.00 $490.00
Smithfield Western Suburbs 12,250 Australian 11.4%, English 9.3%, Italian 7.8%, Vietnamese 7.1%, Assyrian 7.0% $840,000.00 $450.00
Wakeley Western Suburbs 4,800 Vietnamese 15.8%, Chinese 11.3%, Assyrian 11.2%, Australian 6.4%, English 4.7% $830,000.00 $485.00
Mount Annan South West 11,750 Australian 27.7%, English 25.7%, Irish 7.6%, Scottish 6.3%, Italian 3.2% $825,000.00 $480.00
Cobbitty South West 2,250 English 28.3%, Australian 27.4%, Irish 7.7%, Italian 6.1%, Scottish 5.8% $820,000.00 $515.00
Minchinbury Western Suburbs 5,750 Australian 17.1%, English 15.6%, Filipino 8.6%, Indian 4.5%, Irish 4.1% $820,000.00 $460.00
Oran Park South West 5,000 Australian 23.3%, English 17.5%, Italian 7.0%, Irish 4.2%, Scottish 4.1% $820,000.00 $510.00
Emu Plains Western Suburbs 8,500 Australian 29.1%, English 28.8%, Irish 10.2%, Scottish 6.9%, German 2.9% $810,000.00 $470.00
Liverpool Western Suburbs 28,000 Indian 8.4%, Australian 7.9%, English 7.0%, Iraqi 6.5%, Serbian 6.3% $810,000.00 $440.00
Riverstone Western Suburbs 7,250 Australian 28.4%, English 24.8%, Irish 6.1%, Scottish 5.1%, Italian 3.5% $840,000.00 $510.00
Warwick Farm Western Suburbs 6,000 English 9.9%, Australian 9.1%, Indian 7.9%, Vietnamese 5.9%, Chinese 5.1% $810,000.00 $400.00
Woodcroft Western Suburbs 6,500 Filipino 24.2%, Indian 14.5%, Australian 9.3%, English 7.5%, Chinese 5.4% $810,000.00 $490.00
Appin South West 2,700 Australian 34.5%, English 29.1%, Irish 7.5%, Scottish 6.5%, Italian 2.7% $800,000.00 $475.00
Blacktown Western Suburbs 47,500 Australian 14.5%, English 13.7%, Indian 12.8%, Filipino 5.6%, Chinese 4.1% $800,000.00 $410.00
Camden South West 3,300 English 29.6%, Australian 27.0%, Irish 10.1%, Scottish 7.3%, German 2.9% $800,000.00 $450.00
Glenfield Western Suburbs 10,000 Australian 13.7%, English 13.2%, Indian 12.4%, Chinese 6.2%, Filipino 4.0% $800,000.00 $485.00
Hoxton Park Western Suburbs 4,500 Australian 10.2%, English 8.9%, Indian 7.3%, Italian 5.4%, Chinese 4.8% $800,000.00 $500.00
Lurnea Western Suburbs 9,500 Australian 14.7%, Lebanese 13.3%, English 12.3%, Iraqi 5.2%, Vietnamese 3.2% $800,000.00 $440.00
Yennora Western Suburbs 1,700 Lebanese 13.1%, Australian 12.3%, English 8.9%, Vietnamese 8.8%, Chinese 7.3% $800,000.00 $475.00
Spring Farm South West 4,500 Australian 29.2%, English 26.1%, Irish 8.0%, Scottish 6.2%, Italian 3.2% $780,000.00 $505.00
Marayong Western Suburbs 7,750 Australian 18.6%, English 17.3%, Indian 9.3%, Filipino 7.3%, Irish 4.9% $775,000.00 $405.00
Mount Druitt Western Suburbs 17,000 Australian 11.9%, Filipino 11.9%, English 10.2%, Indian 6.9%, Pakistani 5.5% $775,000.00 $395.00
St Clair Western Suburbs 20,000 Australian 24.4%, English 21.1%, Irish 6.4%, Scottish 5.1%, Filipino 3.7% $775,000.00 $445.00
Elderslie South West 6,000 English 29.8%, Australian 29.2%, Irish 9.5%, Scottish 7.2%, Italian 3.3% $770,000.00 $495.00
Villawood Western Suburbs 6,100 Lebanese 15.1%, Vietnamese 14.5%, Australian 10.8%, English 9.3%, Chinese 6.9% $765,000.00 $520.00
Jamisontown Western Suburbs 5,500 English 28.4%, Australian 27.3%, Irish 8.6%, Scottish 6.6%, German 3.1% $760,000.00 $450.00
Lalor Park Western Suburbs 7,750 Australian 25.4%, English 22.2%, Irish 6.5%, Scottish 5.5%, Filipino 2.7% $760,000.00 $400.00
Cranebrook Western Suburbs 16,000 Australian 30.5%, English 27.6%, Irish 8.0%, Scottish 5.7%, Maltese 3.3% $750,000.00 $450.00
Eastern Creek Western Suburbs 1,000 Australian 22.7%, English 21.6%, Filipino 6.9%, Irish 5.7%, Indian 3.5% $750,000.00 $410.00
Ingleburn South West 15,000 Australian 18.9%, English 18.3%, Indian 6.1%, Irish 5.4%, Scottish 4.4% $750,000.00 $415.00
Mount Pritchard Western Suburbs 10,000 Vietnamese 15.5%, Australian 12.5%, English 11.3%, Chinese 6.9%, Italian 4.8% $750,000.00 $430.00
Oxley Park Western Suburbs 3,250 Australian 20.3%, English 19.7%, Irish 5.1%, Scottish 4.6%, Filipino 3.7% $750,000.00 $380.00
Penrith Western Suburbs 13,500 English 25.5%, Australian 24.5%, Irish 8.6%, Scottish 6.4%, German 2.5% $750,000.00 $410.00
Richmond Northern Suburbs 5,500 English 29.1%, Australian 27.2%, Scottish 6.9%, German 3.1% $750,000.00 $425.00
Rooty Hill Western Suburbs 15,000 Filipino 18.2%, Australian 13.2%, English 12.2%, Indian 6.9%, Chinese 3.3% $750,000.00 $430.00
Ropes Crossing Western Suburbs 6,250 Australian 16.2%, English 15.3%, Indian 12.3%, Filipino 9.6%, Irish 4.0% $750,000.00 $485.00
Oakhurst Western Suburbs 7,000 Australian 17.2%, English 14.6%, Filipino 14.4%, Indian 6.1%, Irish 3.2% $745,000.00 $415.00
Kearns South West 2,750 Australian 26.7%, English 23.7%, Irish 6.8%, Scottish 6.4%, Italian 4.4% $740,000.00 $460.00
Kingswood Western Suburbs 9,500 English 24.1%, Australian 24.0%, Irish 7.0%, Scottish 5.1%, Indian 4.5% $740,000.00 $390.00
Narellan South West 3,750 Australian 31.5%, English 29.0%, Irish 8.1%, Scottish 6.3%, Italian 3.2% $740,000.00 $430.00
Windsor Northern Suburbs 2,000 English 30.9%, Australian 28.9%, Irish 10.3%, Scottish 7.5%, German 2.8% $740,000.00 $420.00
Doonside Western Suburbs 13,500 Australian 18.2%, English 15.4%, Filipino 9.2%, Indian 6.2%, Irish 4.0% $730,000.00 $400.00
Plumpton Western Suburbs 9,250 Filipino 18.7%, Australian 14.0%, English 11.5%, Indian 8.0%, Pakistani 3.6% $730,000.00 $430.00
Werrington Western Suburbs 4,100 Australian 24.7%, English 23.6%, Irish 5.7%, Scottish 4.5%, Filipino 3.9% $725,000.00 $440.00
Minto South West 12,750 Australian 16.4%, English 14.7%, Indian 7.1%, Bangladeshi 6.2%, Irish 4.6% $720,000.00 $415.00
St Marys Western Suburbs 12,250 Australian 20.4%, English 20.0%, Irish 5.8%, Scottish 4.7%, Filipino 4.0% $720,000.00 $370.00
St Andrews South West 5,750 Australian 22.1%, English 19.7%, Irish 5.7%, Scottish 5.3%, Filipino 3.9% $710,000.00 $420.00
Ashcroft Western Suburbs 3,600 Australian 16.4%, English 14.3%, Lebanese 11.3%, Vietnamese 9.6%, Chinese 3.3% $700,000.00 $400.00
Busby South West 4,400 Australian 18.9%, English 14.1%, Lebanese 11.3%, Vietnamese 7.3%, Irish 3.4% $700,000.00 $380.00
Macquarie Fields South West 14,000 Australian 18.7%, English 16.8%, Indian 6.5%, Bangladeshi 4.2%, Irish 4.0% $700,000.00 $390.00
Raby South West 6,000 English 23.8%, Australian 23.5%, Irish 7.6%, Scottish 5.4%, Italian 2.7% $700,000.00 $435.00
Ruse South West 5,750 Australian 27.9%, English 26.4%, Irish 8.8%, Scottish 6.9%, Italian 2.4% $700,000.00 $425.00
Woodbine South West 2,750 Australian 21.8%, English 20.6%, Irish 6.3%, Scottish 4.6%, Lebanese 3.9% $700,000.00 $400.00
Miller Western Suburbs 3,500 Australian 18.0%, English 15.9%, Lebanese 10.8%, Vietnamese 6.5%, Irish 4.1% $690,000.00 $400.00
Rosemeadow South West 8,000 Australian 24.9%, English 22.4%, Irish 5.5%, Scottish 5.3%, German 2.4% $690,000.00 $400.00
Sadleir Western Suburbs 3,200 Australian 17.7%, English 15.1%, Lebanese 14.1%, Vietnamese 9.1%, Irish 4.3% $690,000.00 $380.00
Leumeah South West 10,000 Australian 23.0%, English 22.7%, Irish 6.8%, Scottish 5.6%, Indian 3.4% $680,000.00 $385.00
Ambarvale South West 7,500 Australian 24.1%, English 22.9%, Irish 5.7%, Scottish 4.5%, Filipino 2.5% $650,000.00 $380.00
Bradbury South West 9,000 Australian 26.3%, English 24.7%, Irish 7.9%, Scottish 6.0%, German 2.5% $650,000.00 $395.00
Campbelltown Western Suburbs 13,000 English 22.7%, Australian 22.1%, Irish 6.8%, Scottish 5.3%, Indian 2.5% $650,000.00 $400.00
Dharruk Western Suburbs 2,800 Australian 20.4%, English 19.6%, Samoan 5.0%, Irish 4.2%, Scottish 3.8% $650,000.00 $370.00
St Helens Park South West 6,750 Australian 26.1%, English 24.6%, Irish 6.5%, Scottish 5.9%, German 2.6% $650,000.00 $395.00
Hebersham Western Suburbs 5,750 Australian 21.5%, English 19.0%, Samoan 4.6%, Filipino 4.6%, Indian 4.4% $640,000.00 $345.00
Whalan Western Suburbs 6,000 Australian 24.9%, English 21.6%, Irish 4.7%, Scottish 4.6%, Samoan 4.2% $590,000.00 $340.00
Lethbridge Park Western Suburbs 4,800 Australian 26.5%, English 23.5%, Irish 5.6%, Scottish 5.2%, Samoan 4.6% $580,000.00 $325.00
Shalvey Western Suburbs 3,500 Australian 26.7%, English 22.6%, Samoan 5.0%, Irish 4.5%, Scottish 3.9% $580,000.00 $335.00
Bidwill Western Suburbs 4,500 Australian 26.0%, English 22.5%, Samoan 5.0%, Irish 5.0%, Scottish 4.2% $575,000.00 $330.00
Tregear Western Suburbs 4,000 Australian 28.6%, English 23.9%, Samoan 5.3%, Irish 4.9%, Scottish 3.7% $570,000.00 $330.00
Emerton Western Suburbs 2,300 Australian 22.7%, English 20.0%, Samoan 6.5%, Filipino 4.2%, Irish 4.1% $560,000.00 $350.00
Airds South West 3,000 Australian 31.1%, English 23.0%, Samoan 5.4%, Irish 4.7%, German 3.1% $550,000.00 $370.00
Blackett Western Suburbs 3,500 Australian 25.1%, English 22.6%, Samoan 5.3%, Irish 5.3%, Scottish 4.4% $550,000.00 $330.00
Willmot Western Suburbs 2,500 Australian 25.2%, English 24.5%, Irish 5.2%, Samoan 5.1%, Scottish 5.0% $550,000.00 $310.00

That’s the extent of your choices for suburbs all across Sydney with a population of more than 1,000 people.

All that said, these are our picks for the best of the bunch accounting for important factors such as commute time to the city, safety, amenities, greenery and more.

10. Riverstone, Western Suburbs

Riverstone Under $1 Million

Median price: $840,000

In Riverstone, what was not too long ago a mostly rural area has fast become a semi-dense slice of suburbia, with former farming paddocks having been rapidly turned into blocks for houses in a relatively short period of time.

The end result is what at its core was an older suburb having had a range of shiny new house and land packages progressively sprinkled in – which in most cases have been purpose-built with first home buyers in mind.

This means that those looking to buy in this part of the north west of Sydney now have a choice between older, established homes on bigger blocks, or recently-built modern designs on smaller pieces of land depending on which route you choose to go.

Another knock-on effect of this has been the scaling back – and downright removal – of many of Riverstone’s formerly “undesirable” elements that, while it makes its streetscape feel more generic, also makes for safer life on a daily basis as well.

Lingering associations with it also suffering due to being part of the Blacktown Council are somewhat dated nowadays, as key areas have received a facelift with all the influx of newness as well.

Those looking to buy in this part of the north west of Sydney now have a choice between older, established homes on bigger blocks, or recently-built modern designs.

While Riverstone offers a typical “Hills District-esque” unexciting lifestyle – that is, you’ll likely mostly stay in the Hills, take the kids to play sport (once you have them) and enjoy the open space, backyard barbecues and the like – it’s also one of the suburbs in the region that benefits from heavy rail connectivity.

With its justified reputation for the region suffering from both traffic and road toll issues, Riverstone’s train station is a boon. Although it doesn’t have the most frequent services, the fastest train option can have you through into Central in a trip that’s just under an hour.

Riverstone’s combination of established history and recent development also means there’s a decent helping of amenities within the suburb, including IGA, gyms, takeaway joints, banks and more.

Couple this with the recent expansion of neighbouring suburbs such as Rouse Hill (with its Town Centre) and The Ponds both a reasonable drive away, and you’ve got a place to call home that’s largely quiet and green without being totally disconnected from large-scale retail and dining.

Future metro expansion also leaves the door open for growth in terms of property value, too, while the ability to drive a matter of minutes and immediately be surrounded by rolling greenery also has a value of its own.

9. Edmondson Park, South West

Edmondson Park Under $1 Million

Median price: $900,000

Another “popup”, planned suburb which has appeared out of nowhere in recent years, Edmondson Park in the south-west is another option that’s been designed so as to be able to get you either onto the highway – or onto public transport – as quickly as possible for accessing the daily commute.

This again offers a pretty handy trip for city or Parramatta workers, with a minimum amount of fuss for getting to both; hop on the train and be in Parramatta’s CBD in 35 minutes direct, or switch over at Glenfield and still be in Sydney city in under an hour.

Edmondson Park otherwise has all the required trimmings & amenities you need for a self-contained community, and these are being expanded all the time.

This has seen an array of additional infrastructure expansion from its upgraded commuter carpark adding a ton of extra spaces, to its big new and shiny Ed Square shopping precinct full of food, dining, retail and entertainment options (including cinema).

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The huge Costco at nearby Casula on the suburb’s border offers bulk goods shopping, with large homewares retailers, Bunnings and more immediately accessible as well.

This “newness” extends to its schools for those with kids as well, with both private and recently-upgraded public offerings making for a spot that’s well-catered for families.

Zanui 300x250

Edmondson Park otherwise has all the required trimmings & amenities you need for a self-contained community, and these are being expanded all the time.

In terms of homes and housing available, Edmondson Park suffers a little from similar problems with these newly mass-developed communities in that block sizes are typically pretty small, and fairly crammed-together, but you’re still getting a land footprint of some size which is likely to accumulate in value more than an apartment.

The range of properties on offer also includes a lot of duplex builds and townhouses, for those who are content to walk the middle-ground between apartments and freestanding homes.

Developers in the area are still continually putting out new releases as well, meaning there’s still quite a lot of inventory of detached housing coming on the market that’s all newly-built for under the $1 million mark.

For the time being it’s still fairly character-less as other Sydney suburbs without much history, but the skeleton is there for a thriving community to develop as time goes on.

8. Leppington, South West

Leppington Under $1 Million

Median price: $850,000

If you’re after a place to live in for your first home that’s truly modern rather than the older-style 80’s Sydney brick builds – and are willing to compromise on distance somewhat – then Leppington makes for a sound choice.

This is an area in which its entire surrounding corridor has seen rapid recent expansion, with an array of new homes and house & land packages available, with all the associated breaks and incentives to encourage purchases of these on offer.

It’s part of growth that may eventually continue all the way out to the mountains, but for now Leppington still remains one of the newest kids on the development block.

Unlike some other suburbs we’ve highlighted here, Leppington is your typical clustered gathering of modern, carbon-copy new housing development on ho-hum sized blocks; however the difference here is that the infrastructure has actually been somewhat properly planned in advance of its continued growth.

Its station was constructed well prior to the growth in development, and offers just under an hour train ride into Central during peak, while its proximity to Badgerys Creek makes it a beneficiary of the upcoming new airport by default as well.

This is an area in which its entire surrounding corridor has seen rapid recent expansion, with an array of new homes and house & land packages.

Rail remains the preferred transport option this far out for those who work in the city, as drive times can clock in at around the 90 minute mark.

All of the supply here still in place means that there’s often good value to be had when buying a home, with valuations that clock in under the original price of house and land. So what else do you get for the price in Leppington?

Decently sized homes on decently sized blocks, for starters, as well as a small but growing selection of small-scale shops dotted throughout; and not much else in terms of development.

Proper-scale shopping sits down the road at neighbouring Willowdale while Casula and Liverpool’s amenities aren’t too far away either, but nonetheless Leppington remains more of a suburb “of the future” in which good things will likely come for those willing to be patient.

It’s easy to see how it could pay off in terms of both development and property value growth just a couple of years down the track.

7. Quakers Hill, Western Suburbs

Quakers Hill Under $1 Million

Median price: $910,000

Taking out our title of ‘Most liveable suburb in the general Blacktown area’ for a variety of reasons, Quakers Hill fares a little better in almost every desirable category than most of its immediate neighbours while still offering prices that fall within first-home-buyer range.

That’s because Quakers Hill offers most of the benefits of other more “name” suburbs like The Ponds and Schofields – yet with more affordable property prices coupled with a more organic and less generic/overdeveloped streetscape.

Likewise, it’s safer and has a lower proportion of housing commission compared to neighbouring suburbs just a few clicks over to the west as well.

The suburb offers very solid connectivity with the M7 literally running through it, and now its train station which combines decent parking with offering reasonable trips to key hubs of Sydney.

It’s a nice, diverse suburb that’s quiet and well-kept, with local authorities doing a good job of keeping things tidy and well-presented throughout.

A ~5 minute trip to Blacktown, around 25 minutes to Parramatta and even an under-50-minute journey all the way through to Central are all on the cards here, without sacrificing some of the key elements of safety or quality education, either.

Layout-wise, Quakers Hill offers the flexibility to choose between its older side with bigger blocks and more dated homes, and the newer section which exchanges modernity for smaller living space.

While it’s got decent enough amenities itself, Quakers Hill also sits in a spot that is “central enough” within the north-west to have a ton of amenities and shopping within a reasonable drive away in the likes of The Ponds, Castle Hill, Parklea, or even Blacktown itself.

This also includes many of the potential hotspots for work in and around Bella Vista, making for a highly flexible suburb that ticks a lot of boxes for the price.

6. Kearns, South West

Kearns Under $1 Million

Median price: $740,000

One for those on a stricter budget, Kearns is statistically one of the safest options for a suburb in the South West (Campbelltown) region.

While some of the other satellite suburbs in the area may have a less-than-stellar reputation, Kearns is a burgeoning village with plenty of space and affordable housing to choose from.

If you’re looking to discard the tiny 2-bedroom shoeboxes of Sydney’s more central suburbs and get a 5 bedroom home for the same price, this is a part of the greater Sydney region in which you won’t have to sacrifice your personal security to do so.

While it’s not the most connected suburb in the world – you’ll largely be car-dependent here, particularly if you need to access Sydney city on a regular basis – there are still train options in neighbouring suburbs such as Minto not too far away.

While some of the other satellite suburbs in the area may have a less-than-stellar reputation, Kearns is a burgeoning village.

The highway is just a few minutes drive off as well; expect around a 50 minute commute into the city on the M5 from Kearns (or slightly less should you be lucky with traffic). Local roads are also far more driveable and less congested on a daily basis than suburbs closer to the city as well.

The suburb itself is well-equipped with multiple parks, reserves and playgrounds for the kids or animals, and while it’s not exactly a hotspot for dining it does come equipped with its own IGA for daily needs.

Campbelltown Mall – quite well-equipped for retail – is also only a sub-15-minute drive away.

5. Schofields, Western Suburbs

Schofields Under $1 Million

Median price: $900,000

Part of the relatively new, “not-quite-Hills-District” massive development that has sprung up in recent years, Schofields has seen a ton of growth and construction in a fairly short amount of time.

It’s gone hand-in-hand with neighbouring suburbs such as The Ponds and Rouse Hill, however Schofields remains the cheapest of the three without sacrificing much in terms of quality of life.

Fortunately, this has come in terms of not only mass amounts of residential housing, but a decent amount of public infrastructure and amenities along with it.

In addition to its existing heavy rail station – with a train commute on the express run that can have you from Schofields into Central with a ride time of just over 50 minutes – the Metro now also provides an alternative route for those who work in other suburbs further down on the North Shore.

As a result of its “newness”, Schofields still has that “new suburb shine” that comes from consisting mainly of recently-built houses.

This helps alleviate some (although far from all) of the traffic issues which occur when adding in mass housing in such a concentrated area, as everyone else who drives fights to get on the M7 and go about their business.

As a result of its “newness”, Schofields still has that “new suburb shine” that comes from consisting mainly of recently-built houses – it still feels quite clean and new, as do the parks and playgrounds for kids… if inevitably a little copy-pasted with generic homes on fairly generic streets.

The suburb provides easy access to other key amenities as well; Western Sydney Uni has a campus here, Rouse Hill’s Town Centre is only a 15-20 minute drive away for more extensive shopping, and the shiny new retail centre at Marsden Park providers some larger-scale amenities as well.

Those looking for homes with pricetags under $1 million in Schofields will be mainly limited to a choice between smaller 3-bedroom houses as well as an array of villas, townhouses and duplexes.

However given its connectivity, decent level of safety, and proximity to amenities nearby, you could do a lot worse for the money. As with many of the other ‘new’ areas on this list, just don’t expect a suburb with much of a dining scene, character or identity – yet.

4. Glenbrook, Blue Mountains region

Glenbrook Under $1 Million

Median price: $980,000

When people think “cheaper housing” in Sydney, they typically think “west”; however that level of “west” usually stops somewhere around the area approaching Penrith – if not well before.

However, for those who prefer a far quieter (and greener) lifestyle to some of the other more mass-produced suburbs on this list, don’t sleep on the handful of suburbs nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

Physically in terms of raw geography these suburbs are technically ‘further’ from Sydney’s CBD as the crow flies, making them slightly deceiving.

The presence of the Blue Mountains express train line can oftentimes make for a commute that’s actually easier than those having to drive by car into the city – from suburbs that sit closer “on the map”.

Charming and peaceful little Glenbrook provides some of the ‘best of both worlds’, with easy access to both the vast greenery and nature of the Blue Mountains as well as its charming townships, while still being able to hop on a train into Central for a ride that takes just over an hour.

And what do you get in return for this compromise of distance? For starters, a streetscape and atmosphere that’s almost completely opposed to most of the other newer, ultra-modern, cookie-cutter suburban sprawl suburbs elsewhere on this list.

Glenbrook is downright cosy, with extensive parklands, reserves and ovals sitting alongside decent little heritage-style shopping strips. These are dotted with charming bakeries, cute cafes, pie shops and other old-timey amenities yet with modern touches added in.

It’s got a FoodWorks supermarket for grocery needs, and other quaint little community touches such as its array of boutique storefronts, Bowling Club and family-run Cinema which add extra character as well.

Glenbrook is downright cosy, with extensive parklands, reserves and ovals sitting alongside decent little heritage-style shopping strips.

It’s a friendly and largely safe, tucked-away community that still has heavy rail connectivity and the ability to take a 15-minute drive into Penrith for all its shopping and large-scale retail, whenever you feel like a dose of “busy”.

Homes in Glenbrook are largely likewise the polar-opposite of Sydney suburbs with mass development. Houses on offer in this price range – outside of duplexes and semi-detached models – will typically be much more of your old, small, “fixer-upper” renovation jobs built back in the 60s and beyond.

Of course, this is obviously not a suburb of choice for those after nightlife, modern fancy dining or for frequent beach-goers. You’re basically giving up any of Sydney’s “beach appeal” by living here – but for those willing to sacrifice the gold for the green, it’s a pretty little oasis of nature that doesn’t require a multi-hour city commute to enjoy.

3. Seven Hills, Western Suburbs

Seven Hills Under $1 Million

Median price: $900,000

For suburbs in which its physical distance versus actual travel time is somewhat deceptive, it’s hard to beat Seven Hills.

While it lies a tidy 27km out from the CBD, Seven Hills boasts a much better overall infrastructure than many of its surrounding areas – chief among which is its rapid train services, and connectivity to even more.

Seven Hills is one of the best-connected suburban areas in Sydney as far as trains go, with trips which can have you in either Parramatta in less than 10 minutes and Blacktown in half of that, or all the way through to the city in just over half an hour.

Even the drive (or bus) to Macquarie Park is highly doable, the Metro isn’t far away, and it’s basically surrounded by major arterial roads (although tolled) and thus easy for drivers to get right on the motorway in short order.

It’s ethnically diverse and quite a close little community, with below average to low crime stats and easy access to amenities nearby, but what will draw most people here is its location.

This combines with the suburb’s massive overall size and variety of living areas to make for a highly flexible spot that opens up a ton of potential for jobs all over greater Sydney. It’s home to a solid array of townhouses and other non-detached dwellings that can help make things more affordable for those priced out of a freestanding home.

It’s in many ways another with a “Hills District” type quality of life in the majority of its streetscape, that’s also highly leafy yet for a far lower price. This is a place that instead exchanges ritzy and massive homes for a greater selection of services and amenities.

While its reputation for bordering neighbouring Lalor Park brings some negative connotations, and it can be a little dodgy around its station in terms of vehicle vandalism (due to its very large car park) it’s still a solidly safe suburb overall.

In all, despite all the recent price hikes, Seven Hills is probably one of the all-round best value for money suburbs in Sydney for those who still need access to key hubs via public transport on a daily basis.

2. Milperra, Western Suburbs

Milperra Under $1 Million

Median price: $975,000

If you’re looking to be able to garner all the benefits of having several larger, busier/more well-equipped (and noisier) suburbs nearby without having to sacrifice peace and quiet for yourself, the tucked-away suburb of Milperra may just do the trick.

Part of the Canterbury-Bankstown region, Milperra offers a largely communal and family-friendly vibe with a decent smattering of services and connectivity to Sydney city to boot.

While Milperra has no train station of its own, East Hills is only a 5 minute drive away for a sub-40-minute commute into Town Hall. Milperra’s also bordered by the M5, providing highway access right on the suburb’s doorstep and making for a 40-ish minute drive into the city as well.

Milperra offers a largely communal and family-friendly vibe with a decent smattering of services and connectivity to Sydney city to boot.

Milperra holds its own in terms of amenities; it boasts a decent little collection of local stores – fruit and veg, pet stores, a pub, other major essential services such as pharmacies and medical, and even a Bunnings within easy reach.

Revesby’s bigger supermarkets and amenities are less than 10 minutes drive away as well, while all of Bankstowns offerings such as clubs and Bankstown Central are likewise within easy reach.

While the eastern part of the suburb is largely industrial/warehousing, Milperra is also highly green in its residential areas. Deepwater Park in particular is a nice, roomy public space on the water with good amenities such as kids playgrounds, barbecue facilities and some quality sunsets of an evening.

Outdoorsy types can take advantage of its good mix of cycling and walking tracks, and golf course options as well.

It’s also statistically highly safe, ranking well towards the bottom of crime stats for major essential indicators such as break and enters, assaults and other factors.

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1. Holsworthy, South West

Holsworthy Under $1 Million

Median price: $800,000

In many ways, Holsworthy walks the best line between access to services, connectivity, price, and peace and quiet of all the suburbs on this list.

There are very, very few suburbs in Sydney in this price range in which you can still get to the CBD via public transport in under 40 minutes, yet Holsworthy offers all that and more.

While it may be most famously known for its military facilities, Holsworthy offers much more than that.

It’s a highly family-oriented suburb for starters, as the suburb has become a bit of a magnet for younger families on non-ridiculous incomes who still need to commute daily and want some extra space for the kids – without obtaining a ridiculous mortgage to do so.

Land sizes are generally very good for the price here; if you want the kids to be able to have a back yard to run around in, it’s a solid choice.

Land sizes are generally very good for the price here; if you want the kids to be able to have a back yard to run around in, it’s a solid choice. Its various ovals and parklands are also ideal for exercise and sports, and while Holsworthy itself isn’t exactly a hotspot for restaurants or dining, Wattle Grove and its shopping village cover all major supermarket and grocery needs.

Don’t let its seeming distance from Sydney city fool you; while physically Holsworthy may seem fairly far away, its train station is considered a major stop and provides express services. Add in surprisingly ample parking (typically a major problem with Sydney’s train stations), and the situation becomes a lot less grim.

While it’s not a place the younger, single crowd would likely want to live – there’s little here in the way of entertainment unless you’re mostly a fan of nature walks and the like – for city workers on a budget with kids (or soon to have kids) Holsworthy is one of the most cost-effective choices you’ll be able to come across in the present day.

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Honourable mentions: Kings Park, Richmond

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